Google has teamed up with the Israeli government to create a unique look at the Jewish state’s parliament.

A virtual tour of the Knesset building in Jerusalem launched recently, using technology from Google Street View. Via the online platform, users can zoom in on various levels of the Knesset, take a look at individual seats, and receive a 360-degree tour of Israel’s seat of government.


“The project from Google makes the Knesset available to the virtual public square,” said Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein. “Today, the Knesset is opened up and becomes a national house once again, a glass house, in which one can take a tour. There are truly opportunities to see the beauty of the Knesset, to delve in its jewels, to stroll down its halls, to see the works of Chagall and the plenum wall.

“We are not planning on canceling or reducing the hundreds of thousands of visitors that come by the Knesset every year, quite the opposite, we are striving to widen the circle of visitors and to give opportunities to more people to see the Knesset from their screen at home.”

The Google project has also included similar virtual tours of other international government sites, like the White House and 10 Downing Street in London.

“Israel’s Knesset is going up on the map today, and joins the list of parliaments around the world which can be visited using Street View. Now, everyone with an Internet connection can wander in the Knesset as if he was there,” said Meir Brand, Google CEO for Africa, Israel, and Greece.

Visit the full Knesset tour here.