H&M has been a beloved bastion of (relatively) cute, (relatively) inexpensive clothing for years, by taking high-fashion trends and making them available to Average Joes and Janes for reasonable prices.

But every now and then they take a trend too far and get in trouble.

Case in point: the bargain retailer has now taken an item off its shelves that was lambasted for being anti-Semitic. The article of clothing that caused so much controversy was a T-shirt that featured a skull inside a Star of David, surrounded by a grungy pattern.

It’s unclear why exactly this is offensive, seeing as grungy crosses have been a top-selling trend for a few years with no backlash, but there you have it. The Star of David shirt is now unavailable and H&M will surely not make the same mistake again…until it’s trendy once more.

This isn’t the first time H&M has had to recall a controversial item. Last year the global retailer pulled a multi-colored Native American headdress after an Ojibwa-Mohawk took public issue with it.