Listen up, Jews, this is a momentous occasion. We’ve been thrown a bone, and not by just anyone, but by a self-proclaimed “hillbilly,” which is apparently a thing that people still call themselves. You heard it here, a redneck had something nice to say about those of the Hebrew persuasion.

The hillbilly in question is one of the “stars” of a new REELZChannel (that’s a channel?) reality show, “Hollywood Hillbillies.” Because “The Beverly Hillbillies” was really something that we, culturally, needed to revisit in the form of a reality show. The show has its simple folk transplanted from Georgia to Los Angeles, so there are plenty of gems to be found in the “fish out of water” experience.


The family matriarch, who goes only by “Mema” (which has to be the name of an incestuous, serial-killing Grandma in some slasher movie somewhere, right?), surprised everyone by giving a sort-of compliment to Jews at large.

After spending the day with her manager (yep, Mema’s got “people”), Mema told the cameras, “I love Jews. I’ve never seen one that couldn’t get some shit done. You never see a Jew doing manual labor. They’re all smart.”

Aw, Mema, you gon’ make me get to cryin, ya hear?