US funds to Israel have been placed back at pre-sequester levels as part of a proposed budget set to go to the Senate.

The move came as part of the new spending bill just passed by the House of Representatives. Now, the Jewish state is likely to receive a promised $3.1 billion in 2014.


The sum is part of a 10-year memorandum that dates back to 2007 and promises an estimated $3 billion annually for defense aid.

The spending bill that just passed has restored half the cuts made last year when Congress failed to agree on a budget.

As part of the bill, which the Senate must now consider, Israel will also receive an additional $268.7 million for missile defense systems. Such systems include the Iron Dome, which was most recently used yesterday to block rockets from Gaza.

A portion of the spending bill focuses on Palestinian Authority aid. The US has promised $400 million to the PA, and has made the support contingent on Palestine not taking further steps to secure statehood recognition in international bodies like the UN.

If the PA persists, as it has in the past, the aid will be rescinded.

“These funds fully meet America’s commitment in the US-Israel Memorandum of Understanding, helping our democratic ally meet critical defense needs during this period of heightened regional instability,” an AIPAC statement read.