Every year, the IDF dedicates workshops that help officers quit smoking. We talked to one of our NCOs that stopped smoking after seventeen years, and asked him about his experiences. For those of you who want to quit, he has some helpful tips.

1. Join a “Quit Smoking” Support Group

Meeting other people struggling with your problem and aiming to achieve the same goal really helps. Also, the embarrassment of coming to a session after you have failed to quit smoking and the proud feeling of a successful non-smoking week, really encourages you to reach that ultimate goal.

2. Exercise and Sport

I joined an IDF running team and struggled due to my smoking habit. Incidentally, I started the program a few weeks later, and saw my physical fitness improving tremendously. I went from not being able to run a single kilometer to running three marathons! Seeing your body do things it couldn’t do before, is really motivating.

3. Willpower

Never give up, even if it’s hard, even if you stumble. There is no such thing as “just one last cigarette.” You are stronger than that! Seek the support of your family, friends, and fellow members of your workshop. See how it slowly changes your life for the better. Use your “cigarette money” for good things. Buy sports equipment, healthy food, etc.

Quitting smoking changed my life. Thanks to the IDF workshop, I am a newer and healthier person.