Last night week, IDF forces apprehended two suspects attempting to smuggle five M-16 rifles and 20 handguns across the Israel-Jordan border. The two suspects, Palestinians from Judea and Samaria, are under investigation. This is the first weapons interception by the Lions of the Jordan Valley, a co-ed battalion established in 2015, which is responsible for protecting Israel’s border with Jordan.

“The guns were headed to weapons dealers in Judea and Samaria,” said the commander of the battalion, Lt. Col. Yossi Benson. “If they had succeeded in smuggling the weapons across the border, they would have used the same route multiple times.”

Sgt. Amit, who coordinates communications with the Battalion Commander and participated in the operation, said of her experience, “It was challenging, and we were working around the clock. It shows that patience pays off.”

In the last six months, the IDF has seized more than 200 guns, which could have been used in countless terror attacks against Israelis.