Israeli officials and agricultural companies attended an Israeli-Ghanaian agricultural conference in Accra aimed at exploring trade and investment opportunity in the agricultural sector in Ghana and future collaboration between the two nations.

“Israel is a tiny country although a lot of people talk about it in the newspapers and on television. There are no raw materials, no gold, no diamonds, not even water, and the only means of survival for us was to develop something different, and the difference was the hi-tech industry,” said Yair Shamir, Israeli Minister of Agricultural and Rural Development, GhanaWeb reported.


Once the largest contributor to the country’s GDP, Ghana’s agricultural sector has been surpassed by other sectors of the economy, namely oil production and manufacturing sectors. But as a resource-rich country with strong GDP growth, Israel believes it can help Ghana become self-sufficient in food production and help those living in poverty in the countryside.

“I am very optimistic, I think the potential is good, Ghana could be heaven. Looking at the resources you have, we want to share in making it a reality,” Shamir said.