Mayer and Perry

Lovebirds Katy Perry and John Mayer have posed in their first portraits together for the cover art of Mayer’s new single, “Who You Love.”

The couple is showing a rare public display of affection in a new photoshoot for their song collaboration from Mayer’s sixth studio album, “Paradise Valley.”

The black and white cover image, taken by snapper Mario Sorrenti, shows the “Roar” hitmaker lounging on a couch with her hand lovingly touching her beau’s neck, as he sits on the floor playing his guitar, while another shot in the series captures Mayer’s flirtatious side as he kisses Perry’s neck.

In an interview with the Associated Press in August, Mayer opened up about their duet, hoping listeners would look past their celebrity relationship and enjoy the song for what it is.

He explains, “If the music is framed correctly and quality, and if it’s right and the soul is there, it would be the highest compliment to the record if somebody said or people said, ‘I don’t even think about it being about a relationship, I just hear it as a great song.'”

J-Connection: John Mayer’s father is Jewish.