The Jewish National Fund is known for its efforts to make the desert bloom, with tree plantings occurring in Israel throughout the year. But the Jewish organization’s mission goes beyond greenery in a partnership with JDate to bring Jewish singles to Israel this summer. Trip participants, ages 30-45, will experience the sights, sounds, and spirit of the Jewish state in a weeklong trip from July 13-19, 2014. Jspace caught up with JNF Chief Administration Officer Stephen Bach to learn more about this incredible opportunity.


Jspace: What motivated JNF to run a singles trip to Israel?

Stephen Bach: As part of JNF’s mission, we strive to connect Jewish people to their homeland, Israel. We also believe in bringing together those that are passionate about Israel. What better way than to work with our partner, JDate, and bring single men and women from all over the country to experience Israel in a way that only JNF knows how, while having the opportunity to meet each other.

What are some of the highlights of the trip?

Our goal is to make this mission fun, educational and a memorable experience. In addition to featuring the major cultural, historical and religious highlights of Israel, this trip will transcend the boundaries of an average tourist experience and reveal a side of Israel that most people don’t see. Participants will get to see the sunrise during a yoga class on the beach, take an exciting jeep ride through the Golan Heights, go for a night swim under the stars, enjoy a wine and cheese tasting at award-winning vineyard, experience the Negev desert come to life and meet top Israeli newsmakers, experts and opinion leaders.

What would you like participants to learn about Israel?

That it is an innovative, warm, fun, creative, inclusive, breathtaking country filled with wonderful people. That it is a great place to visit; that it is their home.

Do you expect this to be participants’ first time in the Jewish state?

It doesn’t matter whether this is their first or 10th time in Israel. This will be the most exciting experience of a lifetime for everyone

Do you hope this trip will result in a few shidduchim?

Of course. But no matter; everyone will have a fabulous time, spending it with great people!

Click here to learn more about the singles trip to Israel, or check out the full flyer below:


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