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The US is in the second month of a devastating knish shortage. And despite assurances to the contrary, relief may not be imminent. But one cooking school in Brooklyn has stepped up, developing a recipe that will help home cooks make their own fried potato-filled pastries.

Jesse Blonder is the owner and co-founder of the Center for Kosher Culinary Arts in Brooklyn. He told Newsday the “knish crisis” inspired baker Lynn Kutner to make the Center’s own replica. The recipe is available on the Center’s website here.

The “crisis” to which he refers is a fire at the Gabila’s knish factory on Long Island in September that halted production of the company’s iconic square “Coney Island” potato knishes. The treats are usually sold at food carts, delis, and supermarkets all over the country. Unlike most others, Gabila knishes are deep fried, not baked.

As consumers realized the knishes were unavailable and word of the fire has spread, the knish shortage has become a minor media sensation. A Gabila’s co-owner told Haaretz about desperate calls from customers. The news even made it to Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, where Cecily Strong reported that police investigating the knish factory fire “suspected knarson.”

This isn’t the first time the CKCA has stepped up to fill a void of Jewish food. Last month, the center created a “bagel boot camp” for two Romanian entrepreneurs who want to start their country’s first bagel food truck.

Gabila’s has stated their knishes will be back by Hannukah, which is a week away.