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Lady Gaga Taking 'ARTPOP' to Israel



How do you say “ARTPOP” in Hebrew? It probably doesn’t matter, after all: Lady Gaga’s “ARTPOP” could mean anything. But you Israelis may want to figure it out by 2014…

The global pop superstar, who just released her lowbrow-meets-highbrow explosion “ARTPOP,” has announced that she will be making another pilgrimage to the Holy Land to play a show in Tel Aviv next year. While there is no official date set as of yet, the pop star will perform at Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park sometime in 2014. The news was reported by Israel’s Channel 2.

Lady Gaga has been everywhere recently promoting her new record, from playing the old version of herself on “Saturday Night Live” to simulating sex with R. Kelly at the American Music Awards to the wonderfully ridiculous ARTRAVE she threw in Brooklyn before the album’s release.

(Side note: Gaga’s ARTRAVE may actually be the best thing that “ARTPOP” has engendered: Gaga’s people corralled every nightlife maven in New York City, all the fabulous drag queens, club kids, fashion designers and drug addicts who are used to skipping every line they come to… and made them wait in line to see her. Genius troll, Lady Gaga. Here’s some of that applause we know you live for.)

Now the artist formerly known as Stefani Germonatta is taking her show on the road. She’s currently in Tokyo and will travel the world ART-popping all over the place. She’s squeezing in one performance in Tel Aviv, which she last visited in 2009 (before she was LADY GAGA and was just Lady Gaga) when she performed at the Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center.

So tell us, Israelis, will you be buying tickets to see Lady Gaga next year? And seriously, what is “ARTPOP” in Hebrew?



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