Mariah Carey was in Israel recently, and since returning to the states has shared a slew of images from the trip via social media.

Carey shared the above collage with a thanks of “Shalom, Israel” and the below photo with a caption revealing the picture was taken of her and her daughter choptering over Jerusalem.

mariah carey israel

The Grammy-winning singer received a special audience with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara while in Jerusalem late last month. Carey told Army Radio, “I waited many years to come here, I am very moved.”

Carey was met with great fanfare at Ben Gurion Airport, where a hoard of fans waited to welcome her to their country. The musician traveled with her boyfriend, Australian entrepreneur James Packer, who is said to be a friend of Bibi. Packer reportedly also owns a home in Israel.

During her time in the Jewish state, Carey, who is 45, took her two children to famous sites of interest like the Western Wall in Jerusalem, sharing images of the experience via her Instagram account.

Insiders say Carey is expected to announce a concert in the Jewish state. Carey has never performed in Israel before, and a show would likely take place in Tel Aviv. The boycott Israel campaign works hard to convince musicians to refrain from playing the Jewish state, and a move like this could be a major boon for the pro-Israel movement.