One of the victims of the shooting at a San Bernardino, California facility for the developmentally disabled was a Messianic Jew who wore tzitzit fringes and a Star of David tie clip.

Nicholas Thalasinos, 52, was a “devout believer” and Messianic Jew, according to what his wife, Jennifer, told the Los Angeles Times. Messianic Jews are Christians who believe that Jesus was the Messiah, but still incorporate some aspects of Judaism. No major denomination of Judaism accepts this sect as actually Jewish

“He became born again a couple of years ago, and because of that I had a very strong faith,” Jennifer Thalasinos said, “So I know that he’s in a much better place.”

A picture of the couple that has been widely circulating on the internet since the shooting shows Nicholas wearing a tallit, or Jewish prayer shawl, around his neck.

Thalasinos was among the 14 killed on December 3 at a facility for the developmentally disabled in San Bernardino, which is located east of Los Angeles.

The shooting suspects, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, had traveled to the Middle East and allegedly were in contact with Islamic extremists. Law enforcement agencies are treating this shooting as a possible terror attack.