Benjamin Netanyahu took UNESCO officials to task Sunday over its recent cancelation of an exhibit dedicated to the Jewish state.

The Israeli prime minister blasted the UN group as “one-sided,” in remarks made in his weekly cabinet meeting.

“The explanation given was that it would harm the negotiations,” Netanyahu said. “It would not harm the negotiations. Negotiations are based on facts, on the truth, which is never harmful.”

“The one-sided approach toward Israel does not advance peace – it pushes peace further away. It strengthens the refusal of the P.A. to make actual progress in the negotiations.”

He added: “The one-sided and unfair attitude toward the State of Israel does not advance the diplomatic process.”

Friday, UNESCO made headlines after it canceled an exhibit– The People, the Book, the Land — 3,500 years of ties between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel–that had been planned for three years with the help of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

UNESCO withdrew the event just two days before it was set to launch in France, after Arab officials argued against its opening.

“We insist that you live up to your responsibilities and commitments as the co-organizer of this exhibition by overturning this naked political move that has no place in an institution whose mandate is defined by education, science, and culture — not politics,” wrote Simon Wiesenthal Center dean Marvin Hier in a letter to UNESCO heads.

“Failure to do so would confirm to the world that UNESCO is the official address of the Arab narrative of the Middle East.”