Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will travel to the White House next month for a sit down with President Barack Obama.

Rumors stirred of the possible meeting yesterday, with the Israeli leader confirming Monday evening that he will indeed visit Washington during the first week of March.


Netanyahu said his meeting with the president will entail discussion on Iran and the current Israeli-Palestinian peace process, which the US has had a major hand in promoting. Bibi will also likely travel to Silicon Valley to promote Israeli technology during the five-day trip, and will attend the annual AIPAC conference.

“The prime minister will be going to the United States on March 2 for the annual meeting of AIPAC in Washington,” an official in Netanyahu’s office told AFP. “He is also expected to meet President Obama, and after that he will fly to Los Angeles for meetings.”

The last  time Netanyahu and Obama met face to face took place in September, when the prime minister visited Washington. The topic of a US-brokered deal to ease sanctions on Iran has been a major straining point between America and Israel, which sees the Islamic republic’s nuclear ambitions as an existential threat.