A non-Jewish man has torn down a swastika display outside a home in Sacramento.

“I felt compelled to do what I did,” Robert Dixon was quoted as saying by the Sacramento Bee on Tuesday after ripping down the display the previous night in the suburban River Park neighborhood.

The display included American and Israeli flags adorned with swastikas. Dixon left a Palestinian flag flying, the Bee reported.

State lawmakers had been working to have the display removed through legal channels since it was erected several weeks ago.

Dixon told the newspaper that he and the homeowner exchanged a few words as Dixon tore down the swastika display.

“I called him a coward and he called me a violent extremist something,” Dixon said.

On Tuesday, the swastika homeowner posted a new sign written in blue letters reading, “Terrorism? Violent Intolerant Extremism fanatical heretical authoritarian racist.”

Dixon said he also protested at the University of California, Davis, in January after the student senate adopted a resolution calling for the University of California to divest from companies doing business with Israel.

On Monday night, hundreds gathered in Sacramento on the steps of the California state capitol for a rally against anti-Semitism and recent anti-Semitic incidents.