A Jewish businessman held in Bolivia for two years has finally returned home.

Jacob Ostreicher, a New Jersey native, was arrested in 2011 while in Bolivia managing a rice-growing venture he had invested in. Officials accused the Orthodox Jew of money laundering.

A campaign to release the father-of-five was launched in the US, to little success.

Now, however, several media outlets are reporting Ostreicher has returned to the states, though it is not clear whether he was freely released or escaped.

Family members told New Jersey’s Lakewood Scoop that Ostreicher’s whereabouts were unknown for a week before they received news he was back in the US.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press is reporting it received confirmation from the State Department that Ostreicher has indeed re-entered America.

“I am thrilled by the reports that Jacob Ostreicher, my constituent, who has been illegally detained in a Bolivian prison for two years, is finally free,” Rep. Jerrold Nadler (R-NJ) told JTA in a statement.

“He has suffered greatly and his family has worked tirelessly for his freedom. I am overjoyed at the idea that they will soon be together.

“Mr. Ostreicher was the victim of a horrible miscarriage of justice and endemic corruption within the Bolivian justice system.”