Joe Lieberman withdraws from consideration as Trump’s FBI director

The former senator cited his role at a law firm where a senior partner was tapped to represent the president in the Russia probes.

Jared, Ivanka and that Friday night flight: Experts respond

Why does Jewish law prohibit flying in a plane on Shabbat? Why might Jared and Ivanka have been allowed to fly? Should anyone be reporting at all on their religious conduct?

African-American Jew uses cooking to fuse his two identities

In "The Cooking Gene," Michael Twitty explores the culinary heritage of African-Americans in the South and draws parallels to Jewish history.

Orthodox Jewish paramedic sues NY hospital over its no-skirts policy

Wearing pants to work would violate her religious principles, the 26-year-old Brooklynite says in a lawsuit against New York Presbyterian Hospital.

Sheldon Adelson questioned by police in Netanyahu corruption investigation

The casino magnate and his wife reportedly had agreed to speak with police after being assured they were not suspected of wrongdoing.

Jared and Ivanka’s rabbis don’t know who gave them permission to...

It wasn't Haskel Lookstein. It wasn't Marvin Hier. It wasn't Shmuley Boteach.