Researchers Uncover Ancient Wine Cellar in Israel

An ancient wine cellar in Israel is proving early Canaanites had a taste for the good stuff.

Why Do We Give (Or Eat) Hanukkah Gelt?

The chocolate Hanukkah gelt children love began as a tradition of giving actual coins for the holiday.

10 Sexiest Jewish Actors in GIFs

Adam Levine just won Sexiest Man of the Year. Jspace thinks these Jewish actors are just as hot.

Dutch Children's Show Song Proclaims Jews Killed, Hate Jesus

A Dutch broadcaster has removed and apologized for a children’s video blaming Jews for the death of Jesus.

US Responds to Ayatollah, Calls Anti-Israel Vitriol ‘Inflammatory’

The US responded today to comments from the supreme leader of Iran, who called Israelis “rabid dogs” this week.

Jewish Innovator's Kickstarter Project Funded in 10 Hours

Tinder CEO Jake Bronstein’s newest Kickstarter project met its $25,000 goal in a mere 10 hours.