Israeli Delegation Heads to Mandela Memorial

Israel has sent a set of Knesset members as representative at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela in South Africa today.

Hassid+Hipster Brings Foodie Kosher Pop-Up To Crown Heights

Orthodox Jewish chef Yuda Schloss is creating sandwiches to satisfy both foodies and the ultra-Orthodox at the pop-up shop Hassid+Hipster.

Energy Experts: 'Israel Has Potential to Become Energy Exporter'

At a gathering of energy leaders, experts discussed the need for Israel to emerge from its “energy island,” and embrace the changing energy climate.

Rashida Jones on Slut Shaming

Rashida Jones tackles the tough topic for Glamour magazine.

December 10, 1994: Rabin, Peres, Arafat Accept Nobel Peace Prize

On December 10, 1994, three men accepted the Nobel Peace Prize for what seemed, perhaps then and still now, an improbable feat.

Archive Provides Free Digital Access to Detroit Jewish News

A free archive containing 72 years of editions of the Detroit Jewish News has gone online.