Suspected Acre Bomber Tries to Make A Green Getaway

Last week, a 25-year old Israeli man attempted to make a green getaway after planting a bomb on a car at the Nahariya shopping center.

A Look At the Olympic Games Hitler Hosted

The Sochi games are hardly the first to spark controversy over the character of the host government.

February 13, 1955: Israel Acquires the Dead Sea Scrolls

On February 13, 1955, Israel acquired four of the seven Dead Sea Scrolls through a private sale.

Israeli Company Turns Overlooked Resources into Green Energy

Three years ago, a 40-year-old Israeli company decided to chart a new path.

Spain Approves Bill to Allow Citizenship for Jewish Descendants of Inquisition...

Descendants of Spanish Jews forced out of the country in the 15th century will finally be allowed to return home.

Netanyahu to Travel to US, Meeting Planned with Obama

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will travel to the White House next month for a sit down with President Barack Obama.