Peter Gold, 25 a Jewish medical student at Tulane University in New Orleans, became a hero when helped a woman during an armed attack on a darkened New Orleans street on November 20.

Gold, who is a fourth-year medical student at Tulane University, grew up in Florida and was a part of the class of 2008 at Lake Brantley High School, which is located in Orlando’s northern suburbs.

“I’m sure he would do the same thing next week if he saw it happening again,” Anmol Bhojwani, Gold’s fraternity brother in the historically Jewish fraternity Sigma Alpha Mu, told The Forward. “Just the kind of guy he is.”

According to police, Gold was shot four times in the stomach at 4 a.m. on November 20, by 21-year-old Euric Cain. The whole situation was caught on video and has since gone viral.

Police captured Cain on November 23 and charged him with armed robbery, second-degree kidnapping, and attempted first-degree murder. Police also arrested Cain’s girlfriend, 17-year-old Nictoria Washington, and charged her with attempting to hide Cain.

The woman who Gold saved was treated and released. However, once Gold’s family, all of whom graduated from Tulane University, heard about the attack, they rushed to his hospital bedside at University Medical Center New Orleans—his parents from Florida and his older married sister from San Francisco. Gold’s condition is no longer critical and he is now in stable condition.

“Peter has progressively improved,” the family said in a statement on November 25. “The Gold family is very grateful for the care Peter is receiving.”

The family has not said much else. However, Gold’s friends, in interviews with The Forward, are commending Gold and his bravery, but also note that they are not surprised, since they claim that he is the ultimate people person.

“Peter is the type of person who will instantly make anyone feel welcome and as if they are old friends,” Joey Lipton said. “He was an obvious choice for social chair of our fraternity due to his incredibly outgoing personality and ability to instantly connect with people and give everyone who knows him a sense of genuine friendship.”

However, there is more to Gold than just his heroics. He is an avid golfer like his father, Dr. Peter S. Gold, a well-known ophthalmologist, and judging by his YouTube page, is also a big fan of club and electronic house music, like deadmau5 and Calvin Harris.

Peter Gold decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and chose Tulane University for his education for both college and medical school.

As a college student, Peter Gold was chosen for the Creative Scholars program, which is a rigorous pre-med program that guaranteed Gold admission to Tulane’s medical school.

According to Gold’s Google Plus page, while Gold had an intense course load, he still managed to be very involved with the Tulane University community and even studied abroad in Prague.

Peter Gold and his father are not the only doctors in his family. Gold comes from a line of doctors including Peter’s uncle, Robert Gold’s younger brother, who is a dermatologist in Nashville and Peter’s grandfather, who is an infectious disease specialist “who was prominent in antibiotic development and the rubella vaccine,” according to Robert Gold.

“I honestly could not think of being in any other profession but medicine. There is nothing more rewarding than helping people see better each and every day,” Robert Gold said.

Gold’s bravery managed to spread all over the country, with thousands of people lauding him on social media. These people include Bonnie Curry, a host of KLTY in Dallas, whose Facebook post praising Gold has been shared an amazing 77,000 times.

“For me, this proves that good still exists,” Curry wrote on Facebook. She noted that Cain allegedly tried to shoot Gold a second time — this time in in the head — but that his gun jammed.

“Heroes walk amongst us,” she said.

Curry was not the only one to praise Gold on Facebook.

“Thank you God for the jamming of the gun and for the heart you have placed in Peter,” reads another post that has also been shared tens of thousands of times on Facebook.

People are also calling for President Barack Obama to invite Gold to the White House to honor Gold’s heroics.

A billboard outside the Tic Toc Café in Metairie, Louisiana, located right outside New Orleans, is a tribute to Gold and is his newest fans’ way of thanking him.

“You saved a woman’s life without using a stethoscope,” the sign says. “You’re gonna be a great doctor! Get well soon!”

Brittany Murphy, a waitress at the diner, said that Gold deserves to be lauded for his heroics.

“It was completely brave,” Murphy told a local television news station. “Part of the reason the sign is up, he deserves for everyone to know his name.”