Israel experienced a hefty snowfall yesterday into today, uncharacteristic of the desert region.

The weather has caused road and school closures, as well as an emergency delivery of a healthy baby girl. While Israelis clear off sidewalks and driveways, here are a few of the best photos to come out of this most recent snowfall.

Photo 1 Credit: Aaron Katsof, Tazpit News Agency / Shiloh hills.

israel snow

Photo 2 Credit: Aaron Katsof, Tazpit News Agency/ Esh Kodesh community near Shiloh, Israel.

israel snowstorm

Photo 3 Credit: Dovi Pe’er, Tazpit News Agency / Alonei Habashan in the Golan Heights.

snow in israel

Photo 4 Credit: Moshe Eyal, Tazpit News Agency / Mitzpe Yericho in the Judean Desert.


Photo 5 Credit: Noah Ori, Tazpit News Agency / Ofra community in Mateh Binyamin Regional Council.

blizzard in israel

Photos 6/7 Credit: Reemon Silverman, Tazpit News Agency / The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, Friday morning, February 20.

Kotel Reemon2

Photo 8: Shlomo Matityahu, Tazpit News Agency / Shiloh community under snow.

winter in israel