Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, was key note speaker last night at an anniversary party for one of Britain’s most esteemed Jewish organizations.

Jewish Care, a social and health group benefitting the Jewish community of London, celebrated 25 years yesterday with an event attended by the Prince, as well as Lionel Richie and a variety of city leaders. At the event, William addressed the audience, noting the Jewish community’s important role in larger English society.

“There has always been one constant in the United Kingdom, a Jewish community which has organized itself to support those who need help and support,” said the Duke of Cambridge.

“This common thread through history, of caring for one another and generosity of time and money, is something that many sectors of British society can be rightly proud of.”

“During a year when many in the Jewish community have had cause to feel under threat, for no reason other than simply the fact of your Jewishness, your unity is all the more precious,” Prince William added. “Your commitment and loyalty to one another, and to society more widely, is ultimately what keeps you strong.”

In speaking at the event, William is following in the footsteps of his father, Prince Charles. The heir apparent is involved in a number of Jewish trusts in the UK, and Prince William’s recent involvement in the Jewish community could indicate the Duke’s grooming to take on a similar role once he assumes the tile of Prince of Wales.

The duke ended his speech with a bit of Hebrew: “Once again, congratulations on everything you have achieved. I wish you a wonderful evening and a happy birthday. Mazel tov.”