Since The Rolling Stones came together once more last year for a very loose “tour,” there have been a never ending amount of rumors, promises and false hopes of shows around the world.

Now comes the news that “very serious negotiations” are taking place to get the legendary rock band to the Holy Land.

Israeli newspaper Ynet reports that the original rock stars are in the final stages of discussion to make a trip to Israel as part of their European tour this summer. The Stones are said to have been offered $4.5 million for the Israeli gig, the highest amount ever offered to an artist to play in Israel. If anyone is worth it, The Rolling Stones are, even after all these years.

Just last year rumors ran rampant that the “Paint It Black” icons were readying for a show in Tel Aviv, and there were many disappointed Israeli Stones fans when the rumors proved false. But now there’s new hope!

Representatives for the band are said to be making their way to the Middle East to continue negotiations for the proposed show.