The First Lady of Israel met today with victims of the recent spate of terror acts in the Jewish state.

Sara Netanyahu visited at the hospital with Adele Bennett and her young son Nathan, who were stabbed and seriously injured in just one of the several Palestinian terror assaults in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas in the last few days.

“You can’t define in human terms the evil of these perpetrators, who are deep full of hate,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said today. “It’s murder, it’s criminal.”

Bibi similarly visited with recovering terror victims yesterday. Israel is in the middle of a days-long siege that has seen heightened clashes and tensions in Jerusalem. Several Palestinian perpetrators of violence have been killed by Israeli forces, as has at least one Palestinian teen.

sarah netanyahu

Yesterday, the US state department confirmed that Eitam Henkin, a man killed along with his wife in front of their children by a Palestinian in the West Bank last week, was an American citizen.

US State Department spokesman Mark Toner confirmed the news in a statement Monday, hours after Israeli forces arrested the five Hamas terrorists responsible for the attack.

Henkin was born in Jerusalem, the son of US natives. He held dual US-Israeli citizenship.