Shimon Peres met this morning with the US Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power.

The past Israeli president met with Power on her first visit since her appointment to this position; Power visited Israel to hold meetings with Israeli government officials and to discuss relevant issues at the top of the global agenda.

At the beginning of the meeting Peres opened by welcoming Power’s arrival: “I want to thank you for coming to Israel, and for coming to the Peres Center for Peace. Your visit to Israel, especially in these difficult times, is important and signifies the important relationship between the US and Israel.”

shimon peres

The US Ambassador to the UN, who is also a member of the cabinet, answered: “It’s wonderful to be at the Peres Center, and I’m honored to meet with you. This is my fourth day in Israel on this trip, and I’ve had the pleasure to meet inspiring young students and civil society leaders”. Power also referred to the importance of restoring hope for peace among the citizens of the Middle East.

Peres replied: “Hope is not limited to one field or a place. The problem is that we are unable to break free of the habits, prejudices, and hatred of the past. Until we are able to break away from them, the many possibilities and courses of action are not open before us.”