Things have not been easy for Annette Solomon. The young Israeli bride has suffered the loss of both parents in the last few years, leaving few living relatives.

Then, when her wedding day finally arrived, Annette and her groom Lior were disappointed to find only 10 people showed up.

That is until Annette’s relative and social media came to the rescue.

“The bride lost both her parents in the last two years. Her father passed away a month ago, and now there is no one there except for a few relatives,” Rivka, explained on social media.

Rivka also asked for anyone in the area of Harmonia Bagan to come to the wedding to give the couple the gift of a happy wedding.
“You don’t need a gift, you don’t need money. Just come fill the auditorium, fulfill a mitzvah, and make a bride and groom happy,” Rivka’s Facebook post read.

Rivka likely did not expect what happened next.

After the couple’s story went viral, over a thousand, with some estimating closer to 2000, started showing up at the event space from all over southern Israel.

“These are the Israeli people at their best. The groom and bride cried,” Rivka told Ynet after the happy wedding. “Understand, at the wedding canopy they were alone. After the story was published, people came to make them happy.”

One of the social media-invited guests explained that showing up was just an Israeli thing to do.

“We saw the post at 10:30 pm and arrived after half an hour. There were already hundreds of people when we arrived, lots of music and people,” Dana Yaakovian told Ynet. “People didn’t stop arriving until midnight and made the groom and bride happy.”

Many of the guests even left checks to help the bride and groom start out their new lives together, turning what could have been a depressing day for the young couple into a true Israeli celebration.