During an hour-long town hall meeting in South Carolina televised by MSNBC during the evening of February 17 devoted solely to Republican front-runner Donald Trump, Trump, while answering a question from an audience member and a follow-up question by anchor Joe Scarborough, said that he would attempt to stay neutral in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“Let me be sort of a neutral guy. Let’s see,” he said. “I don’t want to say whose fault it is. I don’t think it helps.”

Trump said that as president, he would attempt to create harmony in the Middle East despite how difficult the circumstances might be.

“That’s probably the toughest deal in the world right now to make,” he said. “It’s possible it’s not makeable because don’t forget, it has to last.

“A lot of people say an agreement can’t be made, which is OK, sometimes agreements can’t be made [and they are] not good. I will give it one hell of a shot. I would say if you can do that deal, you can do any deal.”

Trump explained that he had heard from an Israeli that making a deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians would be impossible.

“It is a very, very tough agreement to make. I was with a very prominent Israeli the other day. He says it’s impossible because the other side has been trained from the time they’re children to hate Jewish people,” he said. “But I will give it one hell of a shot. That I will tell you.”

Trump’s town hall in South Carolina was an attempt to help garner even more support for his presidency before the primary on February 20.