We’ve long been fans of Jewish-Canadian rapper Drake, and now there’s even more reason to love the guy.

Fresh off the announcement he would host the upcoming ESPY Awards, Drake dropped by Jimmy Kimmel’s show recently for even more self-promotion. Or…make that self-deprecation.

Drake agreed to participate in one of Kimmel’s more popular segments, in which a correspondent takes to the streets to ask passers-by nonsense questions in an aim to see how willing people are to lie through their teeth. The correspondent this time? Drake himself.

The musicman donned a disguise and picked up the mic, asking strangers a simple question: “What do you think of that Drake guy?”

The results were hilarious and creative. We think our favorite part was when one guitar-holding guest penned an impromptu song, all about how much he hates Drake.

Watch for yourself above, and make sure to tune in when Drake graces the ESPY stage on July 16. Break a leg, Drizzy!

J-Connection: Drake is one brave Jewish soul.