Seth Rogen speaking before the Senate? No, it’s not the plot of the next Apatow film.

The Jewish actor appeared before a Senate committee Wednseday to speak out for Alzheimer’s research, poignantly sharing the story of his own mother-in-law’s battle with the disease.


Though eloquent and well informed in his remarks, Rogen didn’t hesitate to use his own brand of charming humor to set those in the plenum at ease, saying, “Yes, I’m aware this has nothing to do with the legalization of marijuana.”

In the remarks, Rogen talks about the stigma still surrounding the disease, as well as the Alzheimer’s charity he helped found, Hilarity for Charity. The testimony aired on C-Span and is posted to the network’s YouTube account, where it has been viewed nearly one million times already, most likely a first for the C-SPAN people.

Meanwhile, Rogen took to Twitter to take to task the low senator turnout for the hearing, calling it “symbolic of how the government views Alzheimer’s.”

Rogen tweet

Watch the witty and moving address for yourself below.

J-Connection: Seth Rogen is Jewish. We bet his mama is proud.