While most of the masses are thrilled for the once-every-77,000-year convergence of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, it was bound to evoke some resentment between the two holidays. In a new video from kosher food giant Manishcewitz, those tensions boil over as a turkey confronts a dreidel for November dominance.

“You waste your time with candles and bracha [blessing],” the turkey says in the epic rap battle. “I’m the best reason to hang with mishpucha [family].” But when the dreidel mentions Thanksgivukkah, the two realize they will be better together, and go off skipping across the meadow.

The video is part of Manischewitz’s major Thanksgivukah marketing push, complete with the website (The company jumped on the bandwagon early, but not before the more popular Thanksgivukkah spelling had been trademarked by a marketer in Massachusetts, who also purchased the corresponding domain name.)

It’s unclear exactly who created or appears in the video, but The New York Times mentioned that Manischewitz’s special Thanksgivukah campaign would use Tongal, a website that crowdsources content creation. also features numerous recipes, and e-cards inspired by Someecards, which feature old fashioned graphics of people and silly captions–in this case, about Jewish food.

One shows a 1950’s-style family standing in front of a house. The caption reads, “There’s no place like home for the Challahdays.”


Manischewitz is pushing its Tam Tam crackers in particular. Though the signature hexagonal crisps are best known for other holidays, the company suggests using them for “all your Thanksgivukah shmears.”

The company is also calling its various broths “the official broth of Thanksgivukah,” and suggesting their use in “stuffing, sauces, and soups.”

The company has a new turkey broth out just in time for the hybrid holiday.